Did Anyone Ever Tell You Drugs Are Bad?



I can’t lie, as a teen I experimented with drugs and alcohol. Part of the reason I’m so behind on life, bad decision-making. I started drinking alcohol in high school. I would mix it with Hawaiian Punch or ice cream….yes ice cream. Weird right? Then I tried to smoke cigarettes, didn’t work too well. Coughed my lungs up and threw up everywhere. Eventually I was able to handle the smoke. While trying to get the attention of a boy is when I began my journey with drugs.

My first drug of choice was marijuana. I smoked religiously every day. If I didn’t smoke I felt like my day was off. I was in a mellow state when smoking marijuana. It was all mental but to me at the time it made sense. After a while I began experimenting with other drugs, ecstasy was the next one I tried. At one point every weekend I would pop a pill and party. The people I was hanging around with at the time would pop 2, 3 and sometimes even 4 pills at one time. I could never understand that. I would always take half, see how it made me feel and if it wasn’t enough then I would take the other half. I was scared to push my limit. I knew I was already taking a chance by taking one pill or even half of a pill. I didn’t want to end up on a stretcher somewhere. I would smoke, drink and pop pills all at the same time. Reckless wasn’t it? I was a menace to myself. But I was always more so in a laid back mood when consuming all of these toxins so I didn’t feel like I was doing anything reckless. Some people around me would be running around acting crazy, hallucinating and talking crazy, etc. I would always blame it in the amount of drugs and alcohol they consumed.Molly

The next drug that came around me was acid. Now, this was a drug I had heard so many horror stories about “bad trips” but had never seen anyone experience one first hand. I was still skeptical about taking it. One night some friends and I were going to go to a party in another city and that was everyone’s drug of choice that night. Everyone was so amped about this specific party not one ounce of concern was given about who was driving, how much anyone had already had to drink or anything so I decided to wait to take mine strip of acid. I continued to get dressed and about 30 minutes or so had passed and we got ready to leave. As we exited the apartment on the third floor one of my friends took a dive head first down three flights of stairs, laid there for a moment, then got up as if nothing happened. Blood everywhere but she felt nothing. She was hallucinating, thought that the stairs had converted into a slide and she was sliding down the stairs. Right then and there I decided I would NOT be taking acid that night or ever. That quickly erased any curiosity I had about acid. So I stuck to what I knew.

Years later, cocaine was a popular drug around me and again, I got curious. So, one night at a house party while drinking and smoking marijuana, I decided I was going to experiment. Went down to the basement and began my escapade. One rail, two rails, and then a third. I was wired. After about 30 minutes I could tell my high wasn’t the same. I continued smoking and drinking but I couldn’t quite reach the high I had just had so I went back to the basement with some friends and did a few more lines. The high wasn’t quite the same but I was feeling it. The night ended and I was unharmed but I woke up the next day and thought to myself “Welp, that won’t be a drug I do on a consistent basis”.

I then realized how people become addicted to cocaine so easily. They’re always chasing that first high that they will NEVER experience again. So I stuck to ecstasy and marijuana. Eventually I stopped taking ecstasy and stuck to marijuana. I finally got to a point where I smoked here and there but it was more socially then it was a recreational. I no longer use drugs but of course I still drink alcohol occasionally.

I came across this video on Facebook and it really made me feel some type of way. I honestly felt bad for this person. It was a young man looked to be late teens early twenties that had taken an unknown drug, the videographer seemed to think it was a drug called molly. He crawled and flipped around a Philadelphia street corner looking like a puppet master had lost control of his puppet. It was sad and sickening at the same time. All I could think about while watching this is my younger days and how that really could’ve been me. It made me think about my nephews and younger cousins that are growing up this day in age and how to educate them on the effects of drug use. It’s a scary thing. I hate to say it this way but I really wish there were videos or something of this sort when I was younger to teach us about the effects of drugs and or alcohol. I was never really educated on it; it was more so people just telling me “don’t do drugs” or “drugs are bad” but never showing me or elaborating on the effects physically, mentally, emotionally OR financially. I wanted to show this video so that hopefully it would deter someone from experimenting with any drug. It may seem like it’s giving you temporary mental relief but in the long run it’s doing a lot of damage to you in more ways than you can image. And some people’s bodies are able to handle things better than others. I’ll you take a look at it. Just think; this could be you or someone you know on display one day….DISCLAIMER: There is explicit language in this video. The Craziest Videos

Im also gonna leave you with a bit of educational information in case you want to further understand what molly is. CNN has done some coverage on it. Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by and please remember drugs are NEVER a good choice.

9 things everyone should know about the drug molly


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