As a matter of Faction…

I have just found my next read and I’m excited! I didn’t realize that Divergent was part of a trilogy. I’m not typically into futuristic type of books/movies but I saw the preview of the new movie and it seemed very interesting. Take a look at Uniquely Meme’s post below. She explains what Divergent is, what each faction means and the purpose of them. Read carefully and take some time to think about each faction and try to place yourself in each one. Think about if you could really live the rest of your life in one of them.

I was torn between Erudite and Candor. I think that knowledge is power and it is a very important trait to have but, I’m also extremely big on honesty. I came to the conclusion that if there was absolutely no turning back, honesty would be a better fit for me. I played the two scenarios out in my head as to what life would be like and honesty seemed to trump knowledge.

Which faction would you choose?


2 thoughts on “As a matter of Faction…

  1. Divergent is a great book series. My students covet the books and are anxiously awaiting the movie(s).

    Choosing only one faction is tough. I would never be in Abnegation or Amity; I’m too selfish and I don’t know what peace looks or sounds like. LOL. Nevertheless, I am honest to a fault which would make me perfect for Candor. However, I thrive on knowledge, so I would fit in with the Erudite. I’m torn because I could be Dauntless given the fact that I like taking risks. What to choose?

    How about I start a new faction called Candoriteless–a combination of the three factions that I mesh with. If a singular choice must be made, I choose Erudite. Knowledge is power and access.

    • If only we could create our own faction. It would make things so much easier but that would be too much like right and that is unheard of. LOL The combination you have created would definitely be the faction that I would choose. You have made me rethink my decision. Knowledge is definitely power but I didn’t think about access. Ugggh this is too hard. Thank you for awakening more thoughts on this topic.

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