Keep It Classy Not Trashy

Wedding disaster

I have a cousin that is getting married this month. Our first encounter with his fiancé was this past Christmas and she wasn’t very pleasant. She has asked me and two of my cousins to be hostess at their wedding. Honestly, she didn’t even have the decency to ask us personally. She had one of my aunties to text us to see if we would be willing to host. Red flag number one. Weeks later she finally contacts us by sending a group message letting us know what she wanted us to wear, which is a black pants suit. Red flag number two. The text message proceeds to say that she will send another mass text the following day with the menu. Red flag number three. That’s when I realized what she really meant. She wanted us to be servers not hostess. My sister-cousin (that’s the name we have given each other because although we’re cousins we are more like sisters and spend more time with one another than we do with our own siblings) calls me not more than ten minutes after receiving the text. We have a conversation about the attire and duties of a hostess at a wedding. I told her I would wait to get the text the following day to make sure I’m not jumping to any conclusions and then make a final decision on whether or not I was still going to do it.

Well, the next day and the next week came and went with no text so I decided I would let my cousins fiancé know that because she was not clear on the duties of a hostess that she would have to find someone else to fill that position. Was that wrong of me?

So my sister-cousin texts me and asked if someone called me about the wedding. I responded by telling her no. I don’t think she realized I was serious when I said if this girl wants me to serve food I was not going to host. She then says “this is foolish” so when I asked her what happened she tells me she was sent a text saying “Bring 6 or 7 tomatoes, a bag of onions and 2 cases of water but I won’t make you cook anything because you’re coming from out-of-town.” My only response was “WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!” then she tells me my other cousin was told to bring 3 pans of green beans.

Not only does she want our family to serve food but, she wants them to bring the ingredients AND prepare the food. Then has the audacity to say that she won’t make someone cook because they are coming from out-of-town like she’s doing them a favor!?! I understand that our family is from the country and we don’t always do things the conventional way but this is a bit much. When marrying someone you also marry their family in a way. Is this a sign my cousin should run? I mean seriously, where is the class?